Italian last century hemp blouse in full figure
sartorially made collar with titanium buttons
titanium button detail
long sleeve detail

Prototipo 02.07

Italian last century hemp with English seam

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EUR 680,00


series of 3

made in Milano

SOURCING Italian last century hemp with titanium buttons
EFFORT 11 working hours
SIZE small – medium – large
FIT oversized for women / well rounded for men
COLOR natural tones of brownish hues
DYEING not applicable
WEIGHT 350 grams
SEWING with MIC’s greggio color (no tied)
DATA LABEL embroidered hemp textile with a cotton yarn


hand wash in cold water



a sartorial blouse in Italian hemp. The value of this blouse is in the fabric: vintage Italian hemp from the 20th century. On the other hand, much of the hemp that you find on the market nowadays comes from China because European stocks are expiring. As a result, there are only three blouses made from this vintage Italian hemp available for purchase on our online store. Furthermore, this is a fabric that has a lot of beneficial qualities. It stays cool in summer and warm in winter. It is extremely resistant, it has good heat dispersion and absorbs little odor.


the buttons are made from titanium – a fully biocompatible, non-toxic material. Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea wateraqua regia, and chlorine


the labels inside the blouse are both made of cotton: the Prototipo logo is embroidered with cotton thread whilst the washing instructions are printed on a cotton label. Kindly note that the rough effect of this label is a stylistic choice



Italian sourcing is preferred, Italian crafting is mandatory



a hyper minimal packaging has always been considered



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