Recycled Silk Shirt
Mantero’s Resilk blouse in full figure
Sartorially made collar with two titanium buttons
Flat feet English seam cuff

Prototipo 02.03

Mantero recycled silk blouse with flat fell seams

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EUR 420,00

Resilk Blouse



series of 15

made in Milano

SOURCING Italian Mantero 100% recycled silk with titanium buttons
EFFORT 5 working hours
SIZE small – medium – large
FIT oversized for women / well rounded for men
COLOR natural tones of brownish hues
DYEING not applicable
WEIGHT 150 grams
SEWING with cotton thread
DATA LABEL embroidered hemp textile with a cotton yarn


Fabric made in recycled silk, a fabric that has a lot of beneficial qualities. It is a lightweight and breathable fabric. Indeed, the fiber is flexible and its elasticity allows it to pull itself back into shape after stretching. Silk is a fairly absorbent fabric. Although, water does weaken the fibers so treat your Resilk blouse carefully when washing. Lastly, silk is fast drying which makes it highly practical when managing laundry.



hand wash in cold water



A sartorial blouse in Italian recycled silk. This is a statement item that is representative of the Archive section on the Prototipo Store. We were inspired by the design of utilitarian shirts for this Resilk blouse. Mantero’s Resilk is an Italian patent (from start to finish a Made in Italy process) that obtains a new fabric from the silk waste. The extracted fiber is certified according to Global Recycle Standard. The buttons are made from titanium – a fully biocompatible, non-toxic material. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine. The macramè embroidery is entirely made with 100% undyed hemp yarn

The labels inside the Resilk blouse are both made of cotton: the Prototipo logo is embroidered with cotton thread, while the washing instructions are printed on a cotton label. Kindly note that the rough effect of this label is a stylistic choice.



Italian sourcing is preferred, Italian crafting is mandatory



a hyper minimal packaging has always been considered



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