full view of the jacket

Prototipo 18 - SOLD

unconstructed jacket
CRAFTED made in Milano
EFFORT 150 working hours
FIT oversized for women / adaptable and well rounded for men
COLOR neutral tones of brownish color
DYEING not wanted
WEIGHT 945 grams
SEWING not needed
DATA LABEL embroidered hemp textile with a cotton yarn


hand wash in cold water


the unconstructed jacket is heavy and resistant, adaptable to the shape of the body

please note: the hemp yarn of the labels is not sourced in Italy, since today a hemp yarn sourced and crafted in Italy does not exist

partnership between La Colombina and Prototipo to value the know-how of the Italian textile manufacture

the labels inside the jacket are both made of cotton: the Prototipo logo is embroidered with cotton thread, while the washing instructions are printed on a cotton label. Kindly note that the rough effect of this label is a stylistic choice.


Italian sourcing is preferred, Italian crafting is mandatory


a hyper minimal packaging has always been considered


if you would like to read more about this item, you can find further literature in English on lampoonmagazine.com and in Italian on www.lampoon.it