titanium collier, contemporary, jewelty
Titanium collier with 146 pyramid-like studs with a round point
Titanium pyramid like-stud
Mechanical titanium closure of the necklace

Prototipo 07.01

handmade collier in titanium - 150 working hours

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EUR 17.000,00
made to order
titanium jewelry
creative concept In-house
executive design Francesca Quercetani
prototype Anselmo Novarese
manufacturing Anselmo Novarese
SOURCING full titanium jewelry
EFFORT 150 working hours
SIZE to be sized upon purchasing
FIT to fit snugly around the neck
COLOR titanium nuances
WEIGHT titanium 71,55 grams



this titanium collier is made from 146 pyramid-like studs, smoothly rounded at each apex. Furthermore, it is the result of an experimental study on mechanics and structures. Accordingly, we are proud to say that every element has proper movement


most importantly, waste materials produced during its manufacture equate to less than five grams. Undoubtedly, this is in line with our philosophy. Indeed, our focus is to be eco-friendly and to respect the environment


we chose titanium as a non-toxic metal. As a result, the body doesn’t reject this biocompatible material. Additionally, it is also resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. Although, we still recommend for you to take good care of it



the Prototipo team conceived of this Titanium High Jewelry piece in Milano. Furthermore, it was planned according to a sustainable attitude. This is in line with Lampoon Magazine‘s editorial approach which is about transparency and traceability. In fact, all of the items on Prototipo Studio are conceived on an environmentally-friendly basis


firstly, Ms Francesca Quercetani worked on its executive design with sketches and 3D drawings to support its production. Subsequently, Mr Anselmo Novarese led the crafting process


finally, jewelry masters based in Valenza worked for approximately 150 hours to finalize the collier. Nevertheless, the creative process cannot be fully quantified in terms of hours worked. While the entire process was challenging, we succeeded in our aim was to create an avant-garde piece



certainly, upon request – and made only on exclusive terms –  we can craft the collier in gold or platinum, in this case, a significant financial value would be added to each piece of experimental jewelry Art


in addition, for private commissions we can also include gemstones and diamonds in the creative concept



crafted and sourced in full gold € 45.000
crafted and sourced in full platinum € 42.000
please email us for further info



a hyper minimal packaging has always been considered



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